who we are

We are a full-service film production house that delivers your promo & commercial break from idea to ready-to-air teasers, trailers, promos, sponsorship elements and non-standard formats. The company has a 10 year history of collaboration with Discovery Romania, Eastern and Central Europe, Dubai and South Africa. For the past years, We are Basca has been working with UNICEF on audio-video production, with its products being delivered worldwide. In the company portofolio we can also find the Dorna campaign with McCann Erickson, as well as numerous other campaigns with Grafitti BBDO, Havas Worldwide, Headvertising, etc.

what we do

At We Are Basca we offer a full service package, from concept & copy to production and shooting on location, with talent casting and voice-over recording, to post-production services - editing program footage, graphics, animation, audiomix, ready-for-air packaging, versioning for multiple markets and many more. We have received along the years several Bronze, Silver and Golden Awards at the Promax Awards. We also have a lucrative film production department, producing documentaries, short and feature films screened and awarded at some of the world’d leading film festivals. The titles in our filmography have been awarded in Berlinale (“Monsters.” - Tagespiegel Audence Award 2019), Huesca Film Festival (“Miss Sueno”), Cinemajove Valencia (“November”), Semaine de la Critique at Cannes (“Ramona” - Canal+ Award) and many more.